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San lldefonso Pueblo small olla incised carved , Black, 3.5 inches wide and 2.00 inches tall, unsigned. This possibly may be a school piece.


Prehistoric Anasasi Black and White pitcher circa 700-100 AD. Aproximately7.5 inches in height and 6.5 inches in diameter. Very goo to excellent overall with s...

$200.00 OBO

Hopi Polychrome Coil Basket in near mint condition featuring a kachina design with bright vibrant colors, no sun fade, bright front and back and with woven ha...

$150.00 OBO

Apache Basketry Olla approximately 7.5 inches in height and 6.5 inches in diameter, excellent overall condition

$100.00 OBO

Beaded Sioux Possibles bag, Red Felt, with Pink glass beaded flowers, green leaves. Ca. 1980/85. In near mint condition, no holes, doesn't seem to be any mis...

$42.80 OBO

Large Beautifull Remake of a Toltec Pot by the descendants of the Toltecs, who were in Mexico, a thousand years before the Aztecs. The government in Mexico st...

$287.50 OBO

Unusual Acoma Pueblo Laguna Pot by Diane Aragon, dated 1997. Large in size, measures, 11.5 inches high, by 11 inches wide. Intricately hand carved, features ...

$478.50 OBO

One of a kind Hand Crafted South Western Native American Sterling & Turquoise Ying Yang style Ring. Or it could be consider a nestling twin water drops...


Lovely long turquoise drop earrings set in unmarked silver cones that is most likely unmarked sterling. Unmarked sterling work is common in vintage Native ...

$59.99 OBO

Collection of 2 Ethnic Bracelets;1) Set with large Lapis Lazuli Cab and 2) set with 3 Amber or Agate Cabs.


Collection of three antique Silver/Silver Alloy Bracelets; 1) unembellished; 2)set with Lapis Lazuli and 3) set with three agate or amber cabs.


Heavy hand crafted silver or silver alloy antique ethnic bracelet set with three large Red Cabs, possibly amber.


Heavy hand crafted Silver and Brass Ethnic bracelet set with four large Lapus Lizuli Cabs.


Prehistoric Hand Crafted Stone Slate Tablet in excellent condition, 5 X 2.5 inches circa 750-1100 ADrecovered from private property and purchased from an Arizo...


Lot of three site restored but incomplete Anasasi pottery; polychrome plate, Small Olla and cup or small pitcher. All have drill holes for attachment of rawhi...


Excellent Hohokum Volcanic Rock Medicine Bowl with original Pestle. Bowl is 3.25 inches in diameter and 1.25 inches in height. Pestle is 3.00 inches in height ...


Stone Paint or Medicine Bowl with Pestle, Bowl is 3 X 2.5 inches and Pestle is bulbus ended 3 inches in height. Anasasi, 750 - 1100 AD and as photosgraghed. R...


Prehistoric Hatchet or Hoe Celt of napped flint approximately 6 inches in lenght and 3 inches at the leading edge with 2.25 inches at the aft edge. Most likel...

$150.00 OBO

River Stone Ax Head Circa 750-1100 Ad 3/4 groove, 4.25 inches in lenght2.125 inches in width with an approximately .5 to .75 inch chip to the right front side ...

$45.00 OBO