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Pair Tiger brand lunchbox style tin can Sweet Bright Chewing Tobacco cannisters. P. Lorillard Company Jersey City New Jersey marks. Black & Red basketweave ...


DECO LADY BEAUTY PRODUCT WIRE RACK 1950’s, c15” x 11” x 25” tall -- FREE SHIP USA


BREWERY PINBACK c1930,. Gipps, Amberlin, ILL


SIMON PURE BEER / OLD ABBEY ALE RULER 12” long, tin, w/ both inches and centimeters on opposite side, great shape


SIMON BEER MENU -- 1960’s, folded 11” x 7” menu, “The Best Taste in Town”, pictures beer bottles and glasses on front w/ trade mark


SCHREIBNER’S BEER CARD PLAYERS SCORE CARDS - Set of 2 -- 1930’s, 4” x 8”, cardboard, with beer ad


PIELS BEER PEEL BACK DECAL -- 1976, 5 x 6 , pictures man in Piels Beer race car getting the checkered flag


vintage O’KEEFE ALE SPORTS TALLY SHEET - 1941, 7” x 9”, nicely illustrated three bottles of beer


OLYMPIA BEER DECAL -- 1960’s, c3” square, pictures famous Horseshoe Waterfall scene


MILLER BEER TRADING CARDS - Set of 100 different 1995, 2½” x 3½”, pictures past ads from Miller’s 100 Years of Brewing


IROQUOIS BEER CARDBOARD SIGN 1940’s, 12 diameter, cardboard sign/beer tray liner, pictures Iroquois Indian Chief - SET OF TWO DIFFERENT


HOTEL HAYWARD PRE-PROHIBITION BEER LABEL pre-1918, 3” x 5”, a Los Angeles Hotel’s house brand, rare, Hotel Hayward Beer - SET OF TWO LABELS


GRAIN BELT BEER MINI-SALT SHAKERS (a set of three of all the same you are getting) from 1950-60's, in shape of 1 tall beer can


GENNY LIGHT BEER COASTER -- 1960’s, 3½” square, thick cardboard, red, white & blue


GENESEE BEER KEYCHAINS - Set of 2 different 1970, figural 2” tall plastic beer can, for “Fife & Drum” and “Cream Ale”, set of 2 different


FALSTAFF PRESIDENT BEER CARDBOARD SIGN 1976, 11” x 16”, cardboard sign, patriotic red, white and blue colors


BUDWEISER BEER MATCHBOOK -- 1960’s, pictures label waving like flag, “Somebody still cares about quality.”


100 old vintage BEER LABELS COLLECTION, 1930’s-62, colorful and unused


1930’s BEER MENUS - Set of 3 -- c7” x 10”, full color, lady, lighthouse, bottles, star, Boston and Baltimore breweries


Vintage JIM BEAM COLLECTIBLE BOTTLE c1970s, awesome condition beautiful for display -- they just don't make these items anymore, features a racoon

$35.99 OBO