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This is a solid brass statue of Hindu God Ganesha


Bronze Dancing Shiva is a a fully solid bronze statue.


With gold coating


Ardhnareshooara Brass Statue


Superb oil on canvas of a biblical saint that signed by the artist but I am unable to decimate the exact name. This painting is perhaps of Saint Jerome, Peter ...


Wonderful image of a leaf, possibly a photogram. Date unknown, but a timeless image.


Rouen is a city on the River Seine in the north of France. The image is certainly reminiscent of the work of Eugene Atget and Charles Marville, both of whom ph...


While unsigned,this print comes from a group of singed Gordon photographs. Norman Gordon was a photo journalist who learned his craft in the U.S. Army and late...


Beautiful hand-tinted classic view of the Egyptian Pyramids at Gizeh.


Title and signature on recto, below image which is attached to the original 14 x 11 inch cardboard mount with a pencil scored outline.


Triptych, each photograph is 18x18 inches. Steven Arnold (1943-1994) is best known for his work with film in San Francisco during the 1960s and early 70s and...


This wonderful sculpture, crafted from driftwood, depicts a seagull in flight and has been attributed to the Nova Scotian-born artist, Sybille Leary (1932-2012...


Beautiful portrait on ivory of Joséphine de Beauharnais first wife of Napoleon I. This fine portrait is housed in the original 5 x 5 leather flip stand c...


Great pencil drawings print of John F. Kennedy, the President and his Brother Robert Kennedy. Done by George Pollard after Robert's asassination, probably 196...

$124.95 OBO

Bovano of Cheshire Connecticut enamel on copper flower sculpture, circa 1960's. Yellow flower cluster with brown centers, shaded green leaves. Measures 4 7/8...


Huge linen-back 8 sheet magic poster measuring approximately 80 x 102 , in excellent condition, marked Otis Lithograph Company.

$5,596.00 OBO

Ansco photo label on mount recto and verso. This is a sample print exhibited in photography stores to show the quality of Ansco’s photographic paper. The photo...


Inscription on verso reads: “Six Trojan Marvels / San Jose / (phone - col-2184 / Mike Turano)” Keywords: male figurative acrobat


A group of six vintage snapshots of soldiers in various poses, arranged and mounted on a backing with overmatting. Probably from World War II era. <p> ...


The Seine boats refers to a type of vessel used for Mackerel fishing. The photograph is tipped to a cardboard mount, titled and signed on the mount. On the rev...