Red Duo Mackintosh Rose Antique Stained Glass


Red Duo Mackintosh Rose Antique Stained Glass Window
This floral Rose design, often referred to as the Glasgow Rose, or Mackintosh Rose, pays tribute to Glasgow architect, designer, watercolorist and textile designer, Charles Rennie Mackintosh. This vibrant Red Duo Mackintosh Rose Antique Stained Glass Window captures the strong right angles and the floral-inspired subtle curved decorative motifs that Mackintosh pioneered in the Arts and Crafts movement. Mackintosh took his inspiration from his Scottish upbringing and blended them with the flourish of Art Nouveau and the simplicity of Japanese forms; deliberately attempting to replace the more ornate styles with simple, classical lines, as exemplified in this design.

This Red Duo Mackintosh Rose Antique Stained Glass Window, true to its form, incorporates angles and curves that combine contrasting shades of light beige in Flemish water glass, radiant red, vibrant green and striking blue in Flemish water glass, to create a unique and quite stunning design. Textured clear glass surrounds the motif and allows plenty of light to shine through while still maintaining a sense of privacy, so the window is ideal for any setting, indoors or outdoors. The Red Duo Mackintosh Rose Antique Stained Glass Window measures approximately, 16.75 inches H 20.50 inches W X 01.50 inches D, including the original wooden frame.

This piece of architectural art is a by- product of urban renewal in Great Britain. Older buildings are being demolished or restored so the magnificent windows that once graced these homes are either being removed or replaced with newer more energy efficient windows. This vintage glass piece is in pristine condition, void of any chips or cracks, hand leaded with the lead complete, structurally sound, and in the original wooden frame.

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Furniture & Furnishings
Antiques (approx100yrs)
circa 1910
(Width x Height X Depth)
20.50 x 16.75 x
Antique Stained Glass & Wood