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As her name suggests, "Heather" is as fresh as a country morning. Certainly she has a personality all her own. Wearing her finest satin dress, satin pantalettes, and a fashionable eyelet bonnet accented with flowers, it's easy to imagine "Heather" scooting forward on her tummy. She is still too young to talk, but her glowing expression and out stretched arms say much more than words. This 14" charmer, like a real baby, has a family tree that boasts some proud ancestors. Miss Bello's "Heather" continues a distinguished line of character baby dolls that were popular at the turn of the last century. Now for the first time in almost seventy years a new character doll collection recalls the special power these exquisite porcelain babies once held over our hearts. Yolanda Bello's series is the first series of porcelain dolls attempted by Ashton Drake. The satin dress is exquisitely hand tailored with single needle stitching to make Heather, quite simply, a triumph of the dollmaker's art. Heather does not have her original pillow. Heather is the second issue in 'Yolanda's Picture Perfect Babies' collection. This is the first series of porcelain baby dolls ever to bear the hallmark of Edwin M. Knowles China Company. She comes complete with her original box and shipping box. She has never been displayed, only removed for her pictures. Individually hand numbered and accompanied by a matching numbered Certificate of Authenticity bearing the artist's signature. This edition was strictly limited through year of issue. "Heather" was produced in an edition that closed permanently in 1987. The edition will not be reopened, regardless of demand. Her number is 5156 J. I have the complete set of "Yolanda Bello's Picture Babies". The Artist: Yolanda Bello's work as a dollmaker is know to sophisticated doll collectors throughout the country. In the 1980s & 1990s alone, she has won fifty nine prizes for her dolls in major juried exhibitions, including five Best of Show awards. In 1985 she earned perhaps her most prestigious award when a doll she designed and produced was honored with a Doll of the Year award. Miss Bello's doll, along with other winning dolls, was featured on "The Today Show" and was highlighted in an article in USA Today. Miss Bello, whose dolls are critically acclaimed for their realism, their sculptural excellence, and their rich depth of emotion, says that her goal is to design dolls that "achieve purity of expression." We think she has in "Heather."

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