I specialize in rare coins yet also handle gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion coins, fine art, antiques, jewelry, sterling, collectibles and collectible books.

I have been a fulltime coin dealer since 1976 in Providence, Rhode Island, Boston, and Los Angeles.  I worked for a few major rare coin companies, including a very famous auction house.  I spent 13 years as a market making international wholesaler for one of the world's largest modern precious world coin companies.  l started dealing in antiques, fine art, jewelry, silver flatware and holloware, pocket watches, fine wristwatches, and related colllectibles and antiques in 1976.  I handle out of print numismatic (coin) books.

I was a member of the leading dealer only, wholesale electronic trading networks for decades, starting in 1982.

As a wholesaler, I have established relaionships with coin dealers in all 50 states and in over 40 countries.  I atdtended major national coin shows here in the States and also overseas in Europe and Asia.

Whether you are buying, selling, tradinlg, or just getting an appraisal, I can help you.

Please call me in Long Beach, California @ 310 806-1434 with any questions. More coins are available so please ask.

email: dansmithcoinsusa@gmail.com

mailing address:  P O Box 14634, Long Beach, CA 90853

no coins kept on premises

all coins kept in bank vaults

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