United States Gold Quarter Eagle Analysis Vol 2 Akers

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United States Gold Quarter Eagle Analysis Vol 2 Akers
United States Gold Coins
An Analysis of Auction Records
Volume 2 for Quarter Eagles 1796 to 1929 by
David Akers (out of print).
An extremely thorough analysis by David Akers of
United States Gold Quarter Eagle ($2.5) Coins,
Volume 2 of a 6 Volume series in auctions.
 Included are
average grade,
number of appearances in auctions,
auction records,
mintage, and
comments including
rarity and rarity comparison to similar Gold Coins.
1975 out of print hardcover book with crisp spine, front and back covers, and pages.
248 pages including an
appendix summary,
appendix for rarity by average grade,
appendix for rarity by number of auction appearances, and an appendix for auction catalogs used in the analysis.
This highly sought after numismatic reference book is priceless and timeless as David Akers has done extremely thorough quantitative and qualitative analysis that even today provides valuable insight into United States Gold Coin collecting and investing.
Book is in lightly used condition with crisp front and back cover boards, spine, pages.  Should be free from
waterspotting, creases, warps,   The covers are glossy hardcovers and ususally there is light
scuffiness, very minor, in most cases.    Usually these
Akers book are either almost new or like new.  Even though the information contained is valuable
and wonderful, the people who bought these books for probably more coin investors than coin
collectors.  You should be happy with the quality of your book. 
Satisfaction guaranteed.

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