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Kelloggs Cereals 1943 Ad
Kelloggs Cereals 1943 Ad. This two page color September 2, 1943 ad states Assigned to special Duty i...
Quaker Oats 1916 Ad
Quaker Oats 1916 Ad. This black and white January 29, 1916 ad states Why we made Oats A Luxury Dish....
Aunt Jemima Pancakes 1943 Ad
Aunt Jemima Pancakes 1943 Ad. This color October 2, 1943 ad states Come and Get It. Sakes Alive Folk...
Bakers Coconut 1952 Ad
Bakers Coconut 1952 Ad. This color September, 1952 ad states It costs so little, it adds so much, so...
Armour Star Bacon 1955 Ad
Armour Star Bacon 1955 Ad. This color September 12, 1955 ad states More than just Cured. Armour Star...
Crisco Shortening 1952 Ad
Crisco Shortening 1952 Ad. This color October, 1952 ad states Crisco makes this Betty Crocker Golden...