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Rowanda Beaded Dance Mace
A beautifully beaded piece of artwork. This is a Rowanda beaded dance mace used in ceremonial event...
$100.00 OBO
Stag Horn Hammer/Tapper
A very nice Stag Horn hammer. I assume it was made in Japan, but could be from the Northwest or Ala...
$125.00 OBO
Palm Ivory Netsuke Hands
Two for the price of one. Nice Palm Ivory netsuke with Hands holding life. Buy this and give one to...
Rats Nut House Netsuke
A nice little carving from Palm Ivory depicting two Rats in a carved nut. Very quaint and very smal...
$40.00 OBO
Netsuke Snuff Bottle
A beautifully carved, Palm Ivory snuff bottle (Circa 1784) measuring 2 3/8 x 1 1/2 inch. A super clo...
$250.00 OBO
Chinese Rank Necklace
A nice Qing Dynasty civil xiezhi rank necklace. Has jade and coral beads with Silver. Approx 36 inch...
Pan-Am Silverware Set
Now you can eat like you are in First class and were flying to far away places. A nice eating set f...