Millers Falls No. 79 Yankee Push Drill w/7 bits Rare!

This is a very rare, hard to find 1920's era, Yankee type push drill with 7 drill points! This particular model has a combination of both the rotating bit storage selector, and the hardwood handle. Unique, we have seen very few of these over the past 10 years! The drill points each store in the handle in their own compartment, that is marked for each of the 7 different sizes (missing the 1/16" size) on the side of the metal section of the handle, which is an improvement over the earlier model, all wood handle with no storage. The handle is in very good solid, firmly attached condition, with some plating wear, and some minor wood finish wear, but overall the handle section is in great shape. The drill points are the same as the North Brothers, YANKEE brand drill points and later Stanley Tools push drills used, and have the notch and flat on the shanks, all in very good to new condition. The shafts are nickel plated brass, and the screw type chuck is steel. The chuck is basically the same as the North Brothers Yankee chucks in design, with some minor different, but the drill points are the same. The chuck works just fine, and is in great shape. This is not a screwdriver, it was designed to drill only. It is 10.5" long overall, and is marked on the handle ferrule "MILLERS FALLS CO. MILLERS FALLS MASS. MADE IN U.S.A. NO. 79". There is some wear on the nickel plating on the spiral shaft, and as you can see in the pictures about 50% is worn off. One of the issues with the Millers Falls push drills from the era, is that they left the pin that holds the chuck in place in the spiral shaft sticks up a tiny amount, and when the pin reaches the next larger shaft during use, the pin head leaves a small ding on the very edge of that larger tube it hits slightly. Most all M.F. drills from this era have this tiny ding in the same place, considered minor, but need to mention it as this is a used push drill. One of the most rare push drill models from Millers Falls! Nice!

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