Greenlee Spiral Ratchet Screwdriver No. 442 Rare!

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This is a clean, rare, spiral ratchet screwdriver, featuring the nickel plated finish, and concealed spiral system. It is marked "NO. 442 GREENLEE ROCKFORD ILLINOIS MADE IN U.S.A. PATENT NO. 1971289" on the nickel plated sleeve. This model has a turned hardwood handle with an ebonized or black stain, in nice shape with some wear, small dings and scratches, about 80% finish intact. It measures 17.5" long overall, fully extended with no bit in the chuck, and has a spring chuck to hold the removal tips in place. The steel screwdriver chuck and shaft is in very good useable condition with very little wear, and the nickel plating is about 80% intact, with some scratches and a few small dings noted. The sleeve that slide over the top of the main shaft is very close to the same inside diameter as the main shaft it slides over while using the spiral system. This being the case, the sleeve sticks a minor amount as it reaches the last 1 inch of it's compressed travel, unless ample oil is used to lubricate it. I would say it works fine, but wanted to mention it. Greenlee improved this minimal clearence issue on the later model, and this is certainly a rare early model. The selector on this one moves smoothly and holds position very well, three position, left, right, lock. The bits are removable, and have a 5/16" or .312" diameter shank, and are the same as the Stanley Yankee brand tips with the flat and notch on the shank (remember YANKEE has three different sizes in shanks, this is the largest size). It comes with 2 different tips total, 1 slot bit, and 1 Phillips No. 3 size, both in very good condition. This is the only one of these I've seen to date with the hardwood handle in this size, considered rare! A good clean, ready to use screwdriver! Basically it's a Yankee screwdriver with some minor changes to the handle design, and will lock with the spiral shaft fully inside, (like the No. 30 Yankee for example) shortening the screwdriver to 12.5" long for ratchet or normal use. As mentioned, this is one of Greenlee's earliest models, it has no quick return spring, as per it's original desing. A rare wood handle spiral ratchet screwdriver, offered in very good working order, by a well known quality tool maker!

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