Greenlee Spiral Ratchet Screwdriver No. 448 w/Hex Adapter

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This is a nice, used, clean, and rare, spiral ratchet screwdriver, it is marked "GREENLEE ROCKFORD ILLINOIS MADE IN U.S.A. NO. 448" on the nickel plated area near the selector switch. It measures 17" long overall to the end of the hex head adapter with no screwdriver tip in the adapter. The hex head adapter will accept many different tipped standard hex bits that you can buy at most any local tool store. In this case the adapter is press fit, or perminently attached to this screwdriver, so only hex drive tips can be used. The hex bits have 4 tiny notches on the shank of each, the round spring inside the adapter grasps the hex bit when it is pushed into place inside the adapter to keep it from falling out. The hex bits can be a bit difficult to pull out of the adapter since they are so short, but I am usually able to pull them out of mine without the use of pliers. Better to be a little tight than falling out of the adapter. Works great, because many woodworkers now prefer square drive screws, and one can buy tips to fit this adapter for this purpose, even torx type are available. This screwdriver has a very nice rosewood handle that has a clear lacquer finish over it. The handle is solid with less than normal wear, very nice with just a few minor spot of lacquer worn off, as seen in the pictures. The steel screwdriver head and shaft is in good useable condition with some minor wear on the bare metal surfaces. Nickel plating is 95% intact. The selector on this one moves smoothly and holds position very well, three position, left, right, lock. This is only the second one of these I've seen to date with the rosewood handle, considered rare! A good clean, ready to use screwdriver! Basically it's design like a Stanley Yankee No. 30A screwdriver with some minor changes to the handle design, but will lock with the spiral shaft fully inside, (like the 30A Yankee for example) shortening the screwdriver to 11.6" long for ratchet or normal use. This model doesn't have the rapid return spring on the spiral system, again like the Stanley No. 30A. Also included is 4 interchangeable hex screwdriver tips, 3 different Phillips sizes, and one slot bit. A very rare tool!

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