Carew's Patent Heavy Duty End Nippers 12 inch

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These 13" long overall end nipper pliers are in useable condition with very good condition removable cutters. As you can see in the photos, the handles and frame area have extensive pitting due to rust some time in the past.  The rust has been stopped, and the tool cleaned up, so it is useable, but doesn't look very nice.  The cutters are very difficult to find for these old favorites, so the primary value in this tool is the good hardened steel cutter set within the jaws.   Carew held the patent from 1882-1891, but it is not known what company manufactured them. This is a tool that is not made any more today, yet is still useful to contractors who work with heavy wire such as in concrete work. I cut wire 1/8" thick with these nippers with no harm done to the cutters at all! The adjustable stop keeps the cutters from hitting together when the wire is snipped, thereby prolonging the cutter life (the threads on the adjustment stop are rather pitted, would advice heating the area around the screw before adjusting). A great tool design, in great working condition! Cutters are in good condition, minimal wear, good sharp edges, and alignment, about 99% of the cutting edge on both cutters sharp and ready to cut. These cutters work very well on heavy wire, but not made for piano or instrument type wire. A very nice nipper, clean, no rust or pitting no damage noted, with a good snug pivot joint. Hard to find smaller size!

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Cutting & Sharpening Tools
Antiques (approx100yrs)
late 1800's
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