WW11 Vintage LUCITE Nurse Purse BOX history

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Long before 'Women's Lib," decades prior to Gloria Steinem, brave women were putting themselves in harm's way without so much as a backward glance towards equality or feminism. They were (and still are!) the amazing nurses serving in the United States armed forces. Thousands of nurses served on "Comfort Ships," which were strategically moored in high conflict areas where immediate medical attention was critical! During WWII, the nurses on the "comfort ships" were more than likely to keep their supplies and necessities in a maroon and white lucite box such as this one. The gentleman from whom we purchased this box assured us that his wife had, indeed, used this very box. (Her initials are on it.) While researching this lovely lucite box, we were unable to find any ship manifests for staff and crew members who survived the wars. (We were, however, able to trace those who lost their lives in their valiant endeavors. Very interesting reading, indeed!) When we questioned the gentleman as to why he was willing to part with such an incredible piece of family history, he sadly said that he and his wife had no children and nobody close to him who would appreciate this treasure! We are hoping that this historical box finds its way to a new home where it will be respectful of all the places it's been and all the memories it holds. Thank you for looking at this unique piece. It is ALL lucite ( and shiny, unlike my photos) and measures 8” x 4” x 2 1/2” tall ( has felt on the bottom) . It has all its original hinges and her Initials PD on the top. Out of respect we are not disclosing her name.

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