Wiley & Russell Tap & Die Stock Set w/Case Small Sizes!

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This is a nice antique tap & die set in the smaller sizes in the original wood box. The die stock is marked "WILEY & RUSSELL MFG. CO. GREENFIELD MASS. LIGHTNING SCREW PLAT SIZE 0", and the split dies are marked "WILEY & RUSSELL GREENFIELD MASS." and one of the dies is marked "PAT. JAN. 30, 1877". There is a total of 5 different sizes of dies, 1/8-40, 5/32-36, 3/16-32, 7/32-28, 1/4-24, and there are taps to match each of the die sizes. Four of the taps are Wiley-Russell, and two are antique replacements. The two replacesment will not fit into the plate that is provided in the die stock to hold the taps, as the shanks are a little bit smaller than the Wiley brand. There is a total of 6 taps one extra. These are called split dies, and have a little bit of adjustment in the finish size of the thread part they will cut by adjusting the two top plate screws. It looks like someone has made provision for some other items to fit in this box, as you can see an extra pocket cut out by chisel it appears. Otherwise the box is in very good condition, with good latch and hinges, good jointed corners, solid with a nice exterior finish. The top label on the box is only partially visible, and only a few letter can be seen. A very hard to find die stock set.

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Antiques (approx100yrs)
late 1800's-1908's
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