Vintage healing Cherub portrait Cup from Karlovy Vary with the neatest history 1937


This dates cobalt and gold porcelain cup which looks a lot like a thin vase is actually a cup that has a the hole in the handle where the water pours out from as if it was a straw . These were given to guests in Karlovy Vary ( formerly Carlsbad) so that they might partake from the numerous healing fountains throughout the town. These springs have a legend behind them that King Charles IV was on a hunting expedition in 1370 and his dog fell into the pool of steaming water. The King dived in to save his dog and when he emerged he discovered a previous injury to his leg had healed. Thus came the legend of the healing waters. This has caused many to take the trip to see the wonder of this water. The hotels in these areas were for nobility and this cup was given during the period when costume balls were popular and the royals would all come to celebrate. This cup which is also called a spa cup measures 6" tall and 4" wide. Notably thin at 1 1/3", it resembles a thin vase. Beautiful grecian woman frolic with Cupid the cherub in the portrait who picks the grapes from the vine of the young woman. The gold is 18kt gold gilt which really draws out the rich cobalt blue of this beautiful porcelain. Inside it is marked 210GR in gold.

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