Vintage fur FIsher hat with original box and tags.

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From the "LOLA COLLECTION" (available occasionally) "Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl..." She walked (no, she sauntered ... with attitude!) into our store, lo those many years ago carrying the gigantic hatbox pictured herein. You've heard stories of someone walking into a room, heads turning and jaws dropping? Well, I'm here to tell you that it actually happens just that way! Lola called me "Honey," (No one EVER calls me "honey!") and I let her! Thus, we started an amazingly rich and devoted relationship. She was my friend, she was my family and she was my mentor. I think about her and miss her every single day. It's been quite a while since Lola passed (Of course "Lola" is not her real name - although Lola wouldn't have cared, her family has a right to privacy.), and I'm finally willing to let some of her "treasures" go to good homes. As gorgeous as this Fisher hat is, I will never wear it, but I've often wondered why Lola never even took off the tags. I regret that I never asked her. Okay, out of my reverie and back to reality: The Fisher is a cousin of the Russian Sable. It's best known for its rich, soft, silky warmth. The most sought-after Fisher has always been from Canada, and as you can see from the attached tag, this is, indeed, a Canadian Fisher chapeaux. The design of this fabulous hat seems to have been based on strong Asian inspiration, always stylish and desirable. The dominant color is dark chocolate, having a face- flattering touch of taupe seamlessly surrounding the entire circumference of the outer bottom brim. The brim's inner lining is an extremely soft, true- black, wool felt - very comfortable. VITAL STATISTICS: Manufacturer or designer .......... Irene of New York; Sold in Macy's Department Store (more specifically, Macy's Little Store [probably their millinery department]); In fantastic condition, it may have been sold during the 40's or 50's. Although the size is not given, I would guess that it is closer to size small than size medium; outer circumference is approx. 50", inner circumference of headband (at forehead) is approx. 20"; The outside measurements are dimensionally and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. From the topmost point of the front portion to the brim .... 12"; side 11"; back .... 10"; The original large Macy's hatbox is in remarkable shape despite it's 60 or 70 years of life on this planet. Although it could benefit from some TLC (Couldn't we all?????), it is still a wonderful home for its beautiful inhabitant. The bottom needs to be reinforced, and its measurements are 62" circumference and 7" height. The silk carry-cord is still attached, functional and in great condition. VintageSparkles offers Layaway on all our pieces regardless of which site it comes from. Please remember that vintage & antique items are not mint, nor are they perfect but they sure are full of old history and charm. Please use photos to make your decisions and read our policies prior to buying so you can have an excellent experience with us.

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