Vintage Emmett Kelly's Willie the Clown Doll


Willie the Clown Doll He is a very rare collectible from the 1950'.

Tag states: Emmett Kelly's Willie the Clown Exclusive Licensee Baby Barry Toy – N.Y.C.

He is in excellent condition for his age.

His face and eyes look realistic with an expression of a sad clown. When I was taking his picture, it seemed like he was saying to me “Aauh shucks, you aren't going to sell me are you?” I replied “Yes, Willie you are going to be sold. Sorry, I am a dealer, not a clown collector. But we'll find you a good home. I promise.”

He stands 21” tall. His head and hands are of molded rubber. His body and limbs are fabric stuffed with some type of firm filling.

His hair plugs look like real hair. His hands look realistic: I did not spend too much time scrubbing them up because I figured that if he's a hobo, then grubby fingers would be appropriate. I think he is supposed to be holding a cigar, because there is a slight notch on the inner side of his left index finger. He has a teeny tiny bit of paint loss on his lips and his nose and some on his bearded neck. His clothes are all original, clean, without holes or tears. He has a green cotton shirt, hounds tooth vest that is attached to his brown wool felt sport coat with black felt lapels and collar. The tie, which is also original, is appropriately frayed at the ends. The pants have patches that are supposed to be there as part of the costume. The pants are a bit faded, but remember he is a hobo. If his pants were all perfect he certainly would not be in character. He has turquoise & black wool felt shoes.

Look at his adorable sad and forlorn face. Don't you agree with me that he needs to be placed in the loving home of a vintage clown collector? While he is in my foster care I will keep reassuring him someone will come along and say “You are just exactly what I have been looking for in a clown!”

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Toys, Dolls, Games & Puzzles
circa 1950's
(Width x Height X Depth)
x 21.00 x
Cloth body molded rubber hands and face