Vintage 1940’s New Dr. Grabow Standard Pipe #29

Vintage 1940’s New Dr. Grabow Standard Pipe #29

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Vintage 1940’s New Dr. Grabow Standard Pipe #29


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This vintage Dr. Grabow Standard imported briar pipe was purchased with a large assortment of other pipes and pipe displays from a distributor store that closed in the late 1940’s. We did a little more research on all of our pipes and pipe displays and have found through patent numbers on some pipes and displays that most date from 1932 to 1944. This is a factory pre-smoked pipe unique to Dr. Grabow, but a very small portion of the pre-smoked inner bowl coating has chipped away due to age. The interesting thing about this Dr. Grabow pipe is the name is stamped on the top of the pipe, where as the overwhelming majority of pipes (of the hundreds) we’ve sold had the name stamped on the side. The pipe is approximately 5 ¾” long with a 1 ¾” tall x 1 ¼” wide bowl containing a ¾” opening. This Dr. Grabow pipe has been in storage for over 60 years. THIS IS NOT A USED ESTATE PIPE, THIS PIPE IS OVER A HALF CENTURY OLD. This Dr. Grabow pipe has never been used or smoked and is in brand new, mint condition. Thanks for looking!

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