Vermont Green Mountain Gilead Poster 1868


A very rare Vermont broadside from 1868. I have 2 listed and bought them in Vermont almost 10 years ago.  While they are both almost identical, this one has slightly smaller margins and has a 1.5" tear from the edge that is 1/2" into the background. This is not noticeable once when backed and framed. There is also a light crease in the upper left corner. This is about 15" x 20" with margins of about 1 ". Some of the margin in the upper right corner has been lost, but again, this will not be relevant to the framing.

Complete poster text reads: "Green Mountain Boys-Gathering Materials of Paine's Celebrated Green Mountain Balm of Gilead and Cedar Plaster "Universally acknowledged to be the best Plaster ever known. Compounded from the choicest Gum Resins of the Green Mountain State. Consisting of Balm of Gilead, Cedar, Hemlock, Spruce, Fir & etc., so combined as to produce a healthy counter irritant by disspating soreness and extracting the coagulated poisonous impurities of the system. It is unequaled in removing pain, internal inflammation, curing lameness, cramp, pains in the side, rheumatism, weak and lame backs, old sores, boils, corns, freezes, fresh wounds, burns, scalds, cracked hands and occasional sores of most kinds. It's medical properties and remedial action are immeasurably greater than those of any other plaster in use-noily should be without it. The price has been placed within reach of all." Sold by Druggists everywhere. Try it, only 25 cents per roll. Manufactured and sold Wholesale and Retail by M. K. Paine, Windsor, Vermont, Druggist & Apothecary.Entered According to Act of Congress in the Year 1868 by M.K. Paine in the Clerks Office of the District Court of the District of the District of Vermont. Also signed 'Forbes & Co. Litho', 159 Washington Street, Boston. FOR SALE HERE".


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