United Temperance Movement 5 Piece Rebus Paper Puzzle AA

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1956 vintage Vintage Advertising United Temperance Movement. The rebus puzzle is complete with 5 pieces plus the envelope. The front of the envelope reads: 5 Piece Puzzle Inside. United Temperance Movement 420 Upper Midwest Building Minneapolis 1, Minnesota. The colors on the envelope are white, black and a yellow-green! Also pictured on the front of the envelope are 5 puzzle pieces. Each one has writing which are: 1. When properly filled together these 5 pieces form a perfect square. It can be done. 2. Shakespeare's Puzzle "0 God, that men should put an enemy in their mouths to steal away their brains. 3. Research Education Social Action. 4. You must use all 5 pieces. 5. For answer to puzzle call Federal 5-6861 or write. The back of the envelope reads A Sober Second Century for Minnesota In Whisky, Gin, Wine or beer, alcohol is always the same - an anesthetic, like ether or chloroform, 1956 England Press Minneapolis. The 5 pieces of the puzzle & envelope are in excellent condition. Each puzzle peace has graphics and sobering facts on the danger of alcoholism. T are different facts and saying on both sides of the pieces. A great gift someone who loves brain teasers or a person who collects temperance memorabilia! Buyer to add an additional for USPS priority insured mail within the USA.

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