Union Smooth Plane No. 4C Size Corrugated

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Offering this very nice, clean No. 4 size (9" long) (corrigated bottom) smooth plane retaining about 20% of it's original paint intact. It is very much like the earlier type Stanley No. 4 from the late 1800's era. It is marked NO. 4 on the toe.  This plane is in very good working condition with nice solid rosewood handle and front knob. The tote or handle has has some dings and some small chips off the edge near the top. We also note that the tote handle and knob are solid and in good solid condition, firmly attached to the plane. The front knob has minor wear, a few small dings and scratches very solid. Both are nice looking, nice smooth finish, functional. This plane cutter iron is 2" wide, and marked "UNION MFG. CO. NEW BRITAIN CT. U.S.A." on the cutter.  The cutter is sharp and ready to use, plenty of length left for future use, no pitting in the cutting edge area.  We note some minor pitting on the chip braker steel, but works just fine to curl the chips. There are no cracks in the metal castings, little wear, a few edge dings, minor scratches, with very minor pitting on the bottom. The bottom is clean, flat and smooth, no rust, very clean. There is plenty of length on the sharp cutter, and all the adjustments work smoothly. This one has a good cast cutter frog, very sturdy, and both cutter depth adjustment, and lateral adjustment, a very nice cap cover is also marked "UNION" in cast lettering on it! The quality of this plane is comparable to Sargent or Stanley, made to last a life time and then some! A very nice smooth plane, well preserved, and in very good working order!

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DHA 248060
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