The Porcelain Art of Edward Marshall Boehm

"The magical formal purity of Edward Marshall Boehm's porcelains ranks him with such masters of realism as Norman Rockwell and Andrew Wyeth. His extraordinary insight and devoted study of nature is like Audubon's. His technical wizardry is incomparable." Given 645 illustrations, 89 in full color, this oversize book is a work of art in itself. THE PORCELAIN ART OF EDWARD MARSHALL BOEHM , by Reese Palley , Harrison House distributed by Crown Publishers , NY, 1976/1988. This definitive volume on the great American artist and the Boehm Studios was authored by Reese Palley, a noted art dealer and long-time friend of Boehm. This comprehensive pictorial catalog includes Palley's "new system of numbering (with a key to the old system), which will soon become indispensable to collectors. A glossary of terms and a guide to Boehm makersmarks are also of great value. A twenty-picture sequence with step-by-step descriptions shows Edward Marshall Boehm making a complex porcelain sculpture, from initial sketching from life, through the molding, painting, and firing, to the finished masterpiece. Lavishly illustrated with "tipped in" color and black-and-white photographs, this early text includes the following catalog plate categories: Works by Edward Marshall Boehm: The Dogs; The Cats; The Horses; Livestock; Wildlife; Religious Subjects; Promotional Pieces; Figurines; Useful accessories; Decorative Accessories; The Birds of Boehm; Miscellaneous Works. Works by the Boehm Studios: Birds; Paintings on Porcelain; One-of-a-Kind Paintings; Porcelain Paintings in the Round; Malvern Animals; Malvern Figures; Malvern Flowers; Malvern Birds. Oversize 11.8" x 11" hardback with dust cover in like new condition. 312 pages. Buyer pays $8.00 for US book rate shipping, handling, and insurance. Rates vary for international mailings.

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