The Jacobites and their Drinking Glasses by Dr. Geoffrey Seddon

A belief in hereditary monarchy is, for the majority of the population in this country, something which is not questioned. A reading of history will, however, make us understand how the later Stuarts believed they had been cheated out of their inheritance. The fact that they were prepared to resort to armed rebellion in an attempt to regain what they believed was rightfully theirs is not difficult to appreciate. Supporters of their cause, the Jacobites, fell into two main camps, either those committed zealots who were prepared to risk all for the cause or the fireside club-goers who preferred to raise their richly engraved wine glasses to toast the King over the water rather than raise their swords. It is these same drinking glasses, with their stories to tell of those turbulent times, which are the real subject of this fascinating and important book.
Much has already been written about Jacobite history and the principal characters involved. This book examines and records the history of the glassware in a new revised edition. The Jacobites and their Drinking Glasses is, at last, such a book.
As well as providing the reader with a clear outline of the historical background, the author discusses the secret Jacobite societies and the drinking glasses they used, allied to the whole subject of British glass in the eighteenth century. This work is undoubtedly the standard reference on this subject.
The Author
Geoffrey B. Seddon has studied Jacobite history for twenty-five years. He has been a member of the Glass Circle for over twenty years and has contributed papers to the Glass Circle publications and Country Life magazine. He developed a photographic lighting technique for engraved glass and proceeded to accumulate a detailed photographic record of the largest series of Jacobite glasses ever studied. These wee gathered from public and private collections all over the country.
Since retiring from a busy medical practice he has devoted much of his time to the writing of this book.

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