The Handy Boater: Knots You Need to Know

The Handy Boater: Knots You Need to Know

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The Handy Boater: Knots You Need to Know

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Rope is a boater's most essential tool and knowing the proper way to tie knots with it -- whether to keep an anchor in place, provide a skipper with a firm grip on the helm, or secure the tack of a sail -- is an important part of spending time on the water.

The Handy Boater: Knots You Need to Know, will teach you how to tie a variety of functional knots with easy-to-follow instructions, and detailed illustrations and photos. Nine of the most important utilitarian knots are included, such as the Figure Eight, the Square Knot, a Portuguese Bowline, a Jug Sling, the Monkey's Fist, the Turk's Head, the Matthew Walker, the Wall Knot, the Crown Knot, and the Tack Knot. Also included are instructions for making a rope ladder and a braided rope lanyard. If you are a sailor, you will also learn how to secure lines with easy bends and hitches. With a little practice, learning how to tie the strongest knot can be mastered by anyone.

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