The Collector's Guide to Switchblade Knives by: Richard Langston

The Collector's Guide to Switchblade Knives by: Richard Langston

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The Collector's Guide to Switchblade Knives by: Richard Langston

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It has been more than 20 years since a major work on switchblades has been published, and never has one showcased as many different types of automatic knives as Rich Langston's welcome new book.

The Collector's Guide to Switchblade Knives contains a history of the early cutlery industry in the United States, a detailed examination of the evolution of switchblade knives, and a user-friendly illustrated guide that helps collectors and novices alike identify all kinds of automatic knives from one-of-a-kind museum-quality antiques to Great-Grandfather's old folder that's been gathering dust in the attic for the past 100 years.

Using a dual grading system, this reference gives an honest appraisal of more than 160 automatic knives based on:

manufacturer tang markings condition availability functioning opening mechanism handle and blade materials.

All of the knives in this book are from the author's personal collection, which he has been assembling since the age of 7 when he saw his first switchblade and fell under its spell. The knives include examples from the early days of the fledgling cutlery industry in New England to the current imports finding their way into the United States (despite the restrictive laws in the late 1950s that all but outlawed switchblades in this country).

New opportunities to acquire and trade switchblades through such Web sites as eBay have sent prices skyrocketing, making older price guides totally unreliable. This handsome hardcover addition to the cutlery library is for collectors, switchblade aficionados, edged-weapons enthusiasts, historians, or anyone even thinking of buying or selling a switchblade.

This book features:

Schrade Boker Presto Remington Flylock Shur-Snap Hammer Remington and MORE!

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