The American Century Canister

The American Century Canister

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The American Century Canister
The American Century Canister
The American Century Canister
The American Century Canister

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The highlights of the American 20th century make this canister a true collectors item. The American Century was produced for Trail's End Gourmet Popcorn. The 7 3/8" high x 6 1/2" diameter can's lid is embossed the Bald Eagle and shield with stars and an banner reading THE AMERICAN CEMTURY. Photos of important people, things and events of 1901 to 2000 cover the canister. Photos include JFK, walking on the moon, baseball, football, basketball, cars, coins,stamps,metals, American flag, FDR, modern inventions,Statue of Liberty, Eisenhower,George Washington Carver,Teddy Roosevelt,a WWII soldier, Thomas Edison,Wright Brothers, Space Shuttle and the Hindenburg. Short paragraphs are: Wilbur and Orville Wright were brilliant designers and engineers, and the world's first air-plane flew just as they knew it would. Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, 1903., First launched in the 80's, the Space Shuttle was the workhorse of scientific investagation through the end of the century., John F. Kennedy, Senator from Massachusetts and the 35th President of the United States. Born 1917. Died from an assassin's bullet in 1963., From "Ragtime" to "Swing" to "Rock and Roll" every generation marched to it's own drummer, and every new beat gave parents something more to worry about., In 1937, the German airship, the "Hindenburg", was docking at Lakehurst, New Jersey when its hydrogen gas ignited, killing thirty-six people., After the turn of the Century, newspapers began covering sports, and people could follow their favorite teams and players., The Inventor of Two Centuries, Thomas Edison was father of electric light and phonograph, and put sound and pictures together for "talking pictures" in 1914.,Dwight Eisenhower was the four-star General that led the victorious Allied Forces in World War II. He then served two terms as President of the United States., It started at the lunch counters and on the city buses the South. It was the most dramatic movement of the Century...the struggle for black Americans' civil rights.,, The engine that drove American industrial production was always close at hand, under the hoods of our cars., George Washington Carver was born a slave, pursued his education, and won international fame fame for his work in agriculural research, particularly with peanuts., Teddy Roosevelt was the youngest man ever to become President of the U.S. Before that, he was the leader of the fearless "Rough Riders" during the Spanish-American War., Fifteen years wsere spent at was. Every was was different, and each was the same, with unimaginable horror and unspeakable bravery., Women made enormousm strides during the Century, beginning with the right to vote in 1920. By 1999, more women were attending law school than men., Franklin Delano Roosevelt mwas the only president elected four times. He initiated the "new Deal" to lift the country out of the Great Depression. and No decade saw a greater increase in the middle class abundance than the 50's. The "mall" was still fifteen years away, however.

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