Sterling Turquoise enamel Victorian necklace


Do you want witches and evil spirits running willy-nilly through your life and distrubing your much needed sanity? Or fairies or goblins or hags and fiends? I think not. We have enough to worry about so lets fall back on some good old fashioned Victorian folklore about this infamous horseshoe. This is an old sterling and enamel victorian horseshoe that has the most beautiful coloring. The tall raised bezels hold 12 stones ( one for each month?) that stand out with a lot of dimensional design.This is hand wrought and it hangs from a sterling 16" chain. The Horseshoe pendant has sterling braidwork around it which completes the artists work so well. The horse-shoe retains its potency as a charm on the sea as well as on land, and it has long been a practice among sailors to nail this favorite amulet against the mast of a vessel, whether fishing-boat or large sea-going craft, as a protection against the Evil One.Some think it should be in an upward direction and others not. bI was told by a wonderful elder that wearing it down let the luck flow into your soul so I feel confident this lovely old pendant will continue to do its job and keep your life on the straight and narrow. The pendant is not marked but is guaranteed sterling and it measures 1" x 1". It is in great shape and has not been polished or clean to keep its original patina. A And now for the tedious part that you probably already know: We offer Layaway on all our pieces regardless of which site it comes from. PLease remember that vintage & antique items are not mint, nor are they perfect but they sure are full of old history and charm.Please use photos to make your decisions.

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Antiques (approx100yrs)
pre 1940's
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