Steelcraft Socket Beveled Chisels 3/4 & 1 inch Germany

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This is a matching set of 2 nice quality socket beveled firmer chisels in two sizes, one is 3/4" (.77"), the larger is 1" (.99") wide. Both are marked by the maker, and location "STEELCRAFT TOOL MFG. CO. GERMANY BRITISH ZONE". Although I have seen tools marked as made in different zones in Germany, the British Zone mark is more rare that the U.S.A. Zone for example. I am not sure what city in Germany the British Zone in this case was. Both are very nicely made, finished and polished antique chisels, most likely from just a few years after WWII. Both chisels have that same size socket, and socket taper, so the one handle fits both, just slip it in and give it a tap with your mallet and it stays in place just fine. The handle is a good solid leather capped hardwood handle that has some light staining, very solid, some wear noted on the leather cap end, but the leather is still well attached, good condition. The 3/4" chisel is 9.1" long overall, 5.75" long cutting edge to end of socket, the 1" chisel about 1/8" longer. This chisels are made of quality cast steel, is very sharp, ready to use, not rusty, very little minor wear like some minor edge dings, and very light staining or darkening the steel area, but very clean and polished around the cutting edge area, no rust or pitting.

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