Stanley No. 43 Push Drill w/Straight Shank Drill Adapter

After many requests from our customers, we are pleased to offer these used all metal push drills with new straight shank drill bit chucks! Yes, this means that you can use any straight shank drill bit from 1/32" to 1/8" diameter straight shanks, with these Stanley No. 03-043 or No. 41Y push drills! (Both models are alike in appearance and design) We supply a total of 6 drill bits that not only fit into the keyless chuck on the push drill, but also fit into the handle storage area too! The supplied drill sizes will be 3/64", 1/16", 5/64", 3/32", 7/64, & 1/8" diameters, included in the price of the drill. These push drills are 9.8" long overall with no drill bit in the chuck, and the supplied bright finish, twist drill bits are 1-3/4 to 2" long overall, and the bits can be chucked up short if you wish, so that only the fluted part of the drill is showing. This adds strength to the drill bits when drilling, particularly with the smallest diameter bits. There is a cross pin about 1/2" behind the chuck that keeps the drills from falling into the shaft section of the push drill. The chuck is a 3 jaw, keyless screw chuck, and holds the drill bits very tightly in place, but is easy to tighten and loosen. These push drills are in very good condition, about 98% like new, a few minor scratches, or dings on each one, about 98% nickel plating intact. The main advantage to these drills with the new straight shank drill adapter will allow you to use standard drill set bits in the small sizes. Since the old style Yankee bits are no longer being manufactured, their cost has been on the increase, at about $4-$7 each for each new Yankee bit, where standard straight shank bits are about $2 per bit, and you can buy them at most any hardware or tool store. We have tested these drills ourselves, and find that the spiral drill cut very well in wood, plastic, and plastic (or drywall). You can use them effectively on sheet metal if a center punch is provided in the metal to keep the drill bit from slipping out of place while starting the drill hole. The quality of these drill bits surpasses the old style Yankee bits, and we believe these bits will far out last any of the Yankee bits from the past, based on our tests of this new chuck holding system. We will be offering to update your push drill for you, provided you have a Stanley 03-043 or No. 41Y. You can find out more, by using the search feature at this website, and using the keywords, YANKEE PUSH DRILL ADAPTER. We will have adapters for other Yankee model drills by the end of June 2006.

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