Stanley No. 120 Block Plane Early 1900's

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Offering very nice clean Stanley No. 120 block plane from the early 1900's era. This one has a light stamping on the cutter, so it is difficult to see, but it is the circular shaped mark that reads "STANLEY RULE & LEVEL CO. NEW BRITAIN CONN. " in a circular shaped print, from early 1900's era. This plane measures 7.1" long x 1-5/8" wide cutter. It has about 70% of the original Japanning intact, plenty of cutter length left, no cracks, very nice overall, just missing the paint on the cap cover mostly. The rosewood knob is in very good condition, no cracks, nice finish. The cutter has a small chip off one edge, about .5" back from the cutter. The is the old style laminated cutter with the softer steel in the upper section, and the hardened steel in the cutting edge area. There is still over 5/8" of hardened cutter left for future sharpening. Also noted: The cutter throat in the bed is slighly enlarged, I have to mention it, but not enough to cause any use problems. The feature that sets this model plane apart from all the rest is the special depth adjustment feature, with the special fine serrated groove on both the adjustment post and on the cutter to match. These are hard to find cutters, and this cutter being one the an early styles offered, makes if very rare! A nice clean example of a rarely seen, early 1900's block!

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