SHOWCASE Exceedingly Rare ! PADPARADSCHA SAPPHIRE Genuine Sri Lanka Origin, Rarest Color Sapphire 14k & 18k Diamond Presentations * G.I.A.

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Worlds Rarest Sapphire. See all Catalog Pages for available Settings. We have them.The Gorgeous SRI LANKA MINED PADPARADSCHA, 18k Diamond Settings. G.I.A. Certified Color Gem Specialist, Lab Tested * Eric Williams Photography Studio, Insight Media Group. MAGNIFICENT! CUSTOM DIAMOND SETTINGS WITH PREMIUM PADPARADSCHA SAPPHIRES, SELECT GROUPING GENUINE SRI LANKA ORIGIN. 14k 18k White Gold, Set VS-SI-1 Diamonds, Top Clarity & Color. Irreplaceable Pricing ! See The Collection. GEMOLOGY BIOGRAPHY: The Genuine Padparadscha is an exceedingly Rare Gemstone, deemed one of the very few remaining Investment Grade Gems. Ask any Broker who deals in actual Rare Precious Gemstones, an Eye Clean Example of Sri Lanka Origin with Quality Color, Clarity and Cut is not only Market Rare but an Exceptional Beauty. Retail Jewelry Stores have never seen a Natural Example. Demand has always exceeded supply and while attempts to introduce similar Color Sapphires found in other Regions, comparative testing Failed in The Labratory. Thus, if the Gemstone is not from Sri Lanka it is Not a true Padparadscha. Dominant Colors may range from Pinkish Orange with Yellow to Dominant Orange with Pink undertone and Yellow. All three Colors must be present under Color Spectrum Analysis. Our Color Saturation varieties include stones which are Pastel to Deep Color ( GIA Reference Guides ) all Gems exceptionally clean, compelling hues. Ample Consumer Information is available and easily obtained. You may write us for the latest Updates. Quality Natural Gems, Un Treated Fine to Premium Rated representative of Top Quality. Purchases of alternative examples ( opinioned legitimate elsewhere, or incrediably expensive Heated Gems ) are entirely Avoidable - Treated Sapphires are very common in todays market. Padparadscha should not be purchased without accompanied documentation. Our Displayed Gems include Trillion, Oval, Pastel Pear, Asscher and Antique Cushion cut Quality Examples, including Multi-Faceted Round Cut, all with Wonderous Color Saturation, Superb Brilliance and Superior Clarity. Orange almost Tangerine with Pink Hue, Deep Pink Orange Oval to an extremely Striking Trillion with deep color tone Pink hue glissening facets virtually near Flawless * G.I.A. Examiner Report Specialist Color-Gemstones certifies all Lab Testing, CI Attested Document of Origin, Mineral Tested, Color Spectrum Analysis each Gemstone is Value Accompanied G.I.A. Examiner Market Based. Additional Independant Document of Replacement Appraisal each Setting with Diamonds. Despite Micro Lens Photography it is nearly impossible to capture the live Sunset Radiance of these central set Gemstones. Natural Padparadscha is inherantly a color change Sapphire under differing lighting from UV to Florecent to Daylight. No Treated Gem could comparatively display such colors. The extraordinary clarity and lively color Padparadscha's flash cast overtones from alternative angles demanding of soft lighting Photography. THESE ARE STUNNING GEMS ! Opportunistically Presented at Estate Auction Pricing. A Very Rare Acquisition Gem, Ethereal, Investment. Settings Arrive Ellegantly Boxed accompanied by all copy Certificates of individual Report and Appraisals. Photo-Plate 4 a Museum quality Rough Cut Padparadscha of Comparative Color Qualities. All Our Listed Gems maintain comparative color qualities, interior radiance * Secure Insured Transactions including Parcel Shipping. SIX MONTHS NO PAYMENTS AVAILABLE, PAY PAL APPROVED. We are Pay Pal Verified, Registered Go Antiques Members 10 Years with 100% Positive Client Feedbacks, Best in Service. Contact Inquiries, we'll assist in selections. Don't forget to Write Us for The Latest Updated Professional Information! NATURAL PADPARADSCHA SAPPHIRES Estate Priced from 1170. Goregeous Custom Diamond Antique to Deco Stylized Settings in both 18k 14k White Gold. ( We only accept G.I.A. Specialist Examiner Color Gemstones, Lab Report w Full Certification ) Vaulted Gems. Very Rare Round Cut, The Trillion ! Oval Gems that mezmerize ... Review all available Listings * U.A.B. USA, Europe, U.K. Latin America, Australia, Asia Associates

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Prestigious Sri Lanka " Padparadscha "Sapphires. Worlds Rarest Color Sapphires @ Estate Auction Pricing