Sheaffer 18K Solid Gold STYLPOINT Fountain Pen, 1965

Sheaffer 18K Solid Gold STYLPOINT Fountain Pen, 1965

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Sheaffer 18K Solid Gold STYLPOINT Fountain Pen, 1965
Sheaffer 18K Solid Gold STYLPOINT Fountain Pen, 1965
Sheaffer 18K Solid Gold STYLPOINT Fountain Pen, 1965
Sheaffer 18K Solid Gold STYLPOINT Fountain Pen, 1965

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From Royal Provenance, Beautiful 18K Solid Gold ** Sheaffer STYLPOINT Fountain Pen ** 1965

Exquisitely hand crafted in massive 18K gold, and previously the property of King Farouk, this top of the market prestige model was produced upon special order.

Sheaffer's production of fiber tip pens began in 1965 with the Stylpoint Writer pen, that used the same replaceable Skrip ink cartridges as other Sheaffer cartridge fountain pens. The Company's communication declared, "Writes young, bold, alive" and "Exciting new way to write". In late 1965, Sheaffer went on to rename their fiber tip pens the Cartridge Glideriter, as evidenced by the name change in their Christmas advertising.

Filling System: Cartridge… Overall Length: 12.5 cm - 5”… Condition: Near Mint - visibly this pen always has been treated gently, and also has been conservatively serviced by us…. Weight: 30 gms… 18K Gold Wall Thickness: approx. 1 mm… Fully signed and hallmarked.

Sheaffer Pen Company
Shaeffer was one of the "Big Four" American pen manufacturers of the classic era, tracing its origin back to 1907, when Walter Sheaffer in Fort Madison Iowa began work on his own unique fountain pen design.

Other fountain pens of the day were cumbersome and messy to fill, requiring an eyedropper, and especially a steady hand. This inconvenience motivated Sheaffer to develop a filling mechanism that was both easy to use… and clean.

The result was the world’s first practical lever filling fountain pen, which Sheaffer patented in 1908. Hence, a single tug on a slim metal lever filled the pen reservoir directly from the ink bottle.

The Sheaffer lever fill system quickly became the standard of the industry, despite the firm's vigorous legal defense of its patents, and remained ubiquitous for many years even after the Sheaffer company itself had moved on to other filling systems in the 1940s.

Another Shaeffer breakthrough was the “Lifetime Guarantee”. Early fountain pens were expensive, and subject to disrepair. Hence Sheaffer designed a fountain pen that carried a nearly unconditional lifetime guarantee, selling for about twice the price of comparable non-Lifetime models.

However the most visible Sheaffer hallmark of Shaeffer’s innovation has been in the area of nib design. This has included breakthroughs such as the wrap around Triumph nib, but most impressive of all the inlaid nib. Sheaffer introduced the inlaid nib in 1959 with the release of the Pen For Men, or PFM.

Shaeffer pens also were chosen for history making events, including signature of The United Nations Charter on June 26, 1945.

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