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Simple Elegance!!! That just about sums it up for this wonderful unmarked demi. I have stated that it may well be an unmarked Vendome. The reason for that is I found this brooch in "Costume Jewelry "The Great Pretenders" 3rd Edition by Lyngerda Helly & Nancy Schiffer, on page 146. It is pictured in the right/middle photo. They state they believe it is from the 1940's and have the value(best guess) at $150 to $200. But thy have only the brooch. I have the matching ear clips and because of the "combo-clips", I believe they may be later, circa 1955. I am having a senior moment right now and can't seem to remember just when these combo screwback/clip earrings first started to be used. But don't think they were in the 40's, but I could be wrong. I tend to lean towards the idea that these were jobbed out and they slipped out the back door or were ordered by another company. Vendome was/is Coro's high end line and I do know they did a lot of thier own manufacture, but I believe they also jobbed some of thier work out, especialy durring thier "heyday" when things were booming for everyone. They do not look as though they have even been worn and are in near mint condition. I do not use this term often and only save it for the very best. The brooch measures approx. 2 1/2"X2 1/4" and the earrings approx. 1"X1". The shipping fees quoted are for priority/Insured in USA.

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Circa 1955
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