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We have two locations in the heart of Amsterdam, in the Jordaan, one canal from the Anne Frank House. When you are next in Amsterdam, you are welcome.

Amsterdam Artiques Collectibles & Coffee Shop 2e Lauriedwarsstraat 44 Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1016RB Open daily 11.00 - 00.30

Our 2nd location is at the:

Kunst & Antiekrum De looier vof Elandsgracht 109-1016 TT Amsterdam Open Daliy from 11.00-17.00 Fridays Closed

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Japanese doll from around 1900 with a gofun head Hina doll. The platform where she is standing is 15 centimeter by 12 centimeter. You can take her apart. The h...


Old plate about the coronation of King George VI Diameter is 23.8 centimeter.


Senufo-statue There was a paper with it that said . SENUFO beeldje van een bosgeestje. Authentiek beeldje What means Statue of a small wood ghost. Authentic sta...


Perfume lamp Dog.. 21.4 centimeter high. This lamp is from Europe , which has different electricity as the USA. .


Green decanter with lilies of the valley on it. Including stopper 28.5 centimeter high.


Silver mezuzah. Sterling silver. Made in Israel. Including the small loops on the ends 11 centimeter [4.33 inches] long and 2,5 centimeter [0.98 inches] wide.

$140.00 OBO

2 vintage handmade dolls from Poland. Including the wooden stand they are around 29 centimeter [11.4 inches] high. Their faces and hands are made of something t...


Japanese Ichimatsu ningyo or friendship doll, Taisho period (1912-1926). Original silk costume with floral motif. Gofun face,with inset glass eyes. She is 19.1...


Miniature painting of a man with a crown. I do not know who it is, or that it is a king or a duke. Painted on ivory. 19th century. There is ivory glued on the ...


Neclace with silver fishes and some kind of coins. There is no silver-mark in it, but we have been testing it, and it is silver, but maybe a low grade of silver...


Neclace with agate and silver beads and under a pendant representing a horse. We have been testing the silver and it is silver. Probably from India. It come out...


Neclace with silver and agate and under a silver pendant with a bird. Probably from India. We have tested the silver. The neclace is from stock of a shop that i...


Egyptian cigarette box. Design inspired by the discovery of the grave of Tutankhamunor or Tut Ankh Amun. From around 1930. The cigarette box is good if you roll...


Egyptian cigarette box. Design inspired by the discovery of the grave of Tutankhamunor or Tut Ankh Amun. It is not mint, there are a few scratches on it. From a...


Antique fan wit a court fool or jester or joker on it . The wooden legs are in good condition. I do not know whether they are bamboo or wood. Painted by hand. T...


Hand painted fan from around 1900. Probably from Spain. The fabric is cotton. There is a rat on music paper, a guitar and some building on it. The legs are wood...


Fan from around 1900. The wooden legs are nicely decorated and in good condition. The fabric is painted by hand. There is a fishing boat on it and a hous...


Nice scrimshaw cane made of tapering shark fish vertebrae. Whether it is from 1850 or 1910 I do not know, but it is old. These canes used to be made by sai...


2 wooden whist markers. Used for Bezique. 6.7 centimeter [2.63 inches] by 5 centimeter [1.96 inches].


Japanse woodblock print of Kunisada, Toyokunni III. Fight between man and a woman or man and another man. That is not real clear to me. Anyway, someone is getti...