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Welcome to Truetiques, Inc.. Here you will find a vast array of vintage advertising including paper and metal signs, Black Americana, historical ephemera, antique toys and much more. We sell old unique items obtained from estate sales and auctions and also offer a nice selection of NOS. We are modern day vintage treasure hunters bringing you excellent deals on genuine advertising memorabilia and antiques. I hope you enjoy looking at our walk down memory lane. There is something in the store for everyone!

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EZRA BROOKS FIGURAL DECANTER -- Air Force officer in uniform


BLUE RIBBON CIGAR POSTER -- 1930’s, 4” x 7”, pictures open full cigar box, “It’s a Boy” and “It’s a Girl” ad


BLACK & WHITE SCOTCH, BARTOP STATUE - 1930-40, 10” tall figural papier-mâché in shape of 2 Scotty dogs


BARTLES CARDBOARD FIGURE -- 1980’s, 32” tall, from Bartles and James wine coolers


WALT DISNEY BISQUE FIGURE -- 3 inches tall Minnie Mouse c1950s


WALT DISNEY BISQUE FIGURE -- 3 inches tall Mickey Mouse as a hiker c1950s


DISNEY PINBACKS - Set of 6 different for 1980’s, 3 diameter, very colorful, 6 different pinbacks - Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse


MICKEY & COMPANY PINBACK c1970’s, 3” diameter, good picture of a smiling Mickey Mouse


DISNEY POSTERS - Set of 2 different for 1958-61, pair of posters, both 14 x 20 , full color, Lady & Tramp & Mickey Mouse


DISNEY POSTAGE STAMPS - Set of 88 mostly different 1970-80’s, large 1½” x 2”, full color: Mickey Mouse, Donald, Goofy, Minnie, etc., 88


MICKEY MOUSE BABY RATTLE 1984, 2½” tall, Mickey on a 4” long silhouette of a train, one in blue and one in yellow


WALT DISNEY McDONALD’S HAPPY MEAL BOX 1994, Disney World Epcot Edition, pictures Mickey, Donald, Daisy & Pluto


MICKEY MOUSE RULER 1990’s, 12” long, reissue of 1930’s ruler, pictures Mickey and friends, double sided,


Salvaged from a Pennsylvania factory, these bobbins date from the 1930's. They are all wood with metal rims. One end cap is larger than the other. PRICED PER BO...


Salvaged from a Pennsylvania factory, these bobbins date from the 1930's. They are all wood with a larger bee hive end cap. PRICED PER BOBBIN Width 1 1/2 inches...


Salvaged from a Pennsylvania Factory these bobbins date from the 1930's. These are black wood with white silk thread. The endcaps are marked Vulcan Silk Co. Al...


Neat old vintage ORANGE FLORIDA bell, excellent condition, 4 inches high


Rare JIC JAC FIGURAL store display sign, stress fracture on right leg, beautiful and very unique. Approx. 11x9


Rare POLL PARROT standee store display sign, yellowed from age, this is pretty nice for display still. Approx. 11x6


Old vintage LEFTON WHITE SIAMESE CAT figurine, approx. 6 high