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1994 Saban Red Power Ranger stuffed doll. 13" high with hook/loop on back for hanging. Rare and hard to find.


Dainty Porcelain Bavarian Ashtray, Victorian scene 3&3/4"


Elegant Bone China porcelain Coalport cup and saucer pf the "Cairo" pattern.


Haeger made novelty and garden ware. This 4&1/4" planter was made prior to 1951.


Universal Pottery Ballerina (green). Ballerina in same or multi-colors makes impressive dinnerware settings.


5" Lexington Rose soup bowl. Add to your Lexington Rose dinnerware set.


Individual "Chateau Buffet" 6" bowls, 3 in the set. Chateau Buffet line was made in the late 1950's for the Quaker Oats company as a premium ite...


This urn is hallmarked with the Richard Richardson double R mark within the shield, plus the Sheffield Factory mark prior to 1895 opening of the Cornwall Facto...


Made by the Takito Factory prior to WWII Saucer - $15 Salt - $10 Purchase together or seperate


Made between 1920 and 1930 Salt and Pepper - $35.00 Mustard - $25.00 Can purchase seperate or together


4&1/2" Plastic Figural head - Quaker Oats Premium F&F Mold & Die Works, Dayton Ohio (stamped on bottom) Circa 1950


With Mark # 54 (The Collector's Encyclopedia of R.S. Prussia, Second Series, and other R.S. and E.S. Porcelain by Mary Frank Gaston p.23). Rarity of O.S. China...


4&1/4" Candlestick Friday Sweeping and Cleaning scene


Figural shell 2 and 1/4" H salt. Mother-of-pearl lifelike luster and texture. Signed.


White Opal; red, yellow and blue flowers. Consolidated Lamp and Glass Company; Circa 1900


Penguin Hot & Cold Server. Penguin design on sides, all the way around. Bakelite handles. 8 and 3/4 inches


1 and 3/4 inch Female Bacchante 14 carat (marked) Gold filigree frame. It can be worn as a pendant as well (has retractable loop on rear top)


Since the Teak tree has been endangered, it has been illegal to cut down since circa 1980. This lazy susan was probably  brought back from  Thailand ...


4 serving sets. Plates are leaf-shaped and cups are Holt Howard stylish. All marked with 1962 date and Holt Howard name. Holt Howard, although highly collectib...


Pair of 7" Owls, woodtone and crackle. One signed with "W" for Mrs. Webb Brayton who died in 1948. Sold by pair only.