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The Steiffgal Shoppe specializes in vintage Steiff (Germany’s famous “button-in-ear” brand) Teddy bears, dolls, and animals. Although Steiff products have been around since the 1880's, collectors all agree that their appeal, collectibility, and legacy are as new as tomorrow.

Each Steiff item purchased from the Steiffgal Shoppe is “Steiffgal Certified” for quality and condition and comes with a brief summary of the history of the collectible.

The Steiffgal Shoppe is owned and managed by a third generation lifelong collector and internationally recognized Steiff expert, insuring that all items are authentic and fairly priced. All items listed would be a welcome addition to the dealer’s own Steiff collection, which numbers north of 500 pieces.

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Listings from The Steiffgal Shoppe

This is the 1997 tribute bear to Margarete Steiff in honor of the 150 anniversary of her birth in 1847. This Teddy is made from beautiful golden mohair and is f...


Steiff's Hand Devil Puppet. Unjointed and made from polyester velvet, cotton, and long red woven fur. With black eyes and hand stitched facial features. Has a s...


Steiff's Happy Crocodile Puppet. Unjointed and made from soft green and tan woven fur. With black and yellow pupil eyes and brown felt claws. Has an open triver...


Steiff's alpaca fawn. Head jointed and made from beautifully airbrushed, soft alpaca fur. With black eyes and a hand embroidered black nose and mouth. Wears a f...


Steiff's limited edition Sams doll, based on the children's book character by the author Paul Maar. Unjointed and made from velvet and woven fur. Extensive hand...