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This chandelier has a leafey look to it. It looks like the lites are growing out of it. Very nice for the flora themed room or area.


This is a unique fixture! It has distinct geometric details, 5 lights with torch globes.


These are different! These fixtures have a total of 18 lites each. Twelve lites around the bottom and six more around higher up. We have a matching pair of thes...


A very stylish Art Deco fixture! Round pendant light with a beautiful accent ring around it.


These are very nice contemporary fixtures with a distinctive Arts & Crafts Style. We do have a matching pair of these but the listed price is for each.


This a very nice contemporary piece. Six-sided with colored glass and some nice details on the corners.


AN OLDER PAIR OF SOLID BRASS BOOKENDS.... featuring a full sail sailing ship. The pair are heavy and feature good patina.


Large finely decorated newel post. Very solid tiger oak, it is on a 16 inch oak base. Could be used as a plant stand or other display. Great carvings and ready ...


This is a really intricate old piece ( pinback was added later) that measures 2 tall and 2 ¼ wide. It is real ivory prior to the war. This has three ti...


This Chinese erotic female is almost 3“ tall and is finely detailed and hand painted. Might be ivory as it has hatch marks on it. I am not sure. She is in excel...


Reproduction of the Original made in Circa 1890's. This Door Knocker is solid bronze casting in the Old English Style with grostesque man's face. Very heavy 10....


This is a nice mirror for small spaces. Very attractive and the tin frame is very interesting.


Nice concrete fountain. Nice garden piece!


This is a great architectural accent piece. This panes depicts a sword, shield, helmet and what may be a torch. Anyway it's a beautiful piece!


This is a great architectural accent piece. The Eagle with spread wings, draped cloth in it's talons and floral wreath. Awesome piece!


This is a great architectural accent piece. We currently have five of these in stock.


Oak Fretwork with beautiful scrollwork and balls and spindles. This piece has a very deep arch!


Beautiful baby Victorian child celluloid picture portrait dresser top decorative button. Columbia Portrait Company Chicago Illinois back mark.


Oak Fretwork with beautiful scrollwork and balls and spindles. Nice piece.


Oak Fretwork with beautiful scrollwork.