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Clubby II the Beanie was the first to be included in a BBOC kit!


Clover the Beanie Baby was the first Beanie Baby bear commemorating St. Patrick’s Day that was not all green!


Cinders the Beanie Baby was the polar opposite of Aurora the polar bear Beanie Baby!


Rainbows are seen in nature when two things are present rain and sunshine!


Cheeks Beanie Baby’s was named for ……….can you guess?


Date of Birth December 28, 2002 Because you want the very best And I’m do different from the rst Be very happy you found me Forever I am…Yours Truly!


Date of Birth January 28, 2002 The woods is where I love to be Catching fish or up a tree It’s a lazy life, without a care How wonderful to be a bear!


Date of Birth January 25, 1999 Castles rise form misty glens Shielding bands of warrior men Wearing tartan of their clan Red, green and a little tan!


Date of Birth February 14, 1994 His heart is red and full of love He cares for you so give him a hug Keep him close when feeling blue Feel the love he has for y...


Date of Birth February 14, 1998 Flowers, candy and hearts galore Sweet words of love for those you adore With this bear comes love that’s true On Valentine’s Da...


Date of Birth July 4, 2000 From this land of liberty Comes this bear for you and me Proud to wear red, white and blue He’ll be a special friend to you!


Date of Birth September 28, 2000 The EU family came tobe That’s why I’m named Unity Our countries now unite as one A brand new era has begun!


Date of Birth January 1, 2000 Red, yellow, green and blue Let’s have some fun me and you So join the party, and let’s all say “Happy New Millennium,” from Ty 2K...


Date of Birth May 14, 2000 Some games that we always play Are fetch and sit, give paw and stay Teach me after tricks to do And I’ll have found a friend in you!


Date of Birth November 15, 2002 When I come knocking on your door I hope you’ve got goodies in store But if you’ve got no treats for me I’ll play a prank ‘cause...


Date of Birth February 13, 2000 There’s some mail waiting for me A real surprise-a mystery It’s a message just from you Telling me secrets I never knew!


Date of Birth January 1, 2000 Beanie Babies can never end They’ll always be our special friends Start the fun because we’re here To bring you hope, love and che...


Date of Birth February 17, 2000 Surfing on the Internet I think of friends I’ve never met They’re ‘round the world both near and far I hope they know how dear t...


Date of Birth January 2003 My name means glisten, shine or light But this is only partly right Please take me home and you will see My sparkling personality!


Date of Birth June 14, 1999 Stars and stripes he wears proudly Everyone he goes he says loudly ‘Hip hip hooray, for the land of the free There’s no place on ear...