Payment Policy

I accept Pay Pal, I can no longer accept Credit Cards. I will accept personal checks, cashier checks, and money orders, but all  must clear the bank before shipping. I will not cash any of the above for more money than is required for the item plus shipping.  Wire transfers on request.  I will ship within the USA, and Canada, Insurance, and Delivery confirmation is a must.
 Because of the influx of scammers, I will be taking stamped and dated photos of any item I sell on the day I mail it.  Also i work with a couple of other dealers, who will look at my items before I mail it so they will be able to testify as to the condition of  the item being mailed.  Every mailing will have tracking, delivery confirmation, and insurance.  I will return money for items that have been misrepresented, I will not return money until I receive the item back in the condition it is sent.  If damaged during mailing, I have insurance for you to collect on.  Thank You for Shopping In the Land of Enchantment

Shipping Policy

I will ship your item 3 to 5 days after receiving the money. Insurance and Delivery Confirmation are a must.

Return Policy

As I deal in antiques, and collectibles, I do not refund money, unless grossly misrepresented, Any returns must be within a three day period, buyer must pay for return shipping, no refunds until I receive my item back in the same condition I sent it. ( I do keep dated pictures and records of all my sales, I also work with other Dealers, who check my items upon mailing, so they can testify as to the condition of the item mailed.) Also I do not launder money for anyone, only the exact amount will be accepted, and I will not accept checks or money orders for a larger amount than is agreed upon. I will trade or give credit when possible, I make every effort for my items to be in good, or mint condition, I have a licensed appraiser that I work with, and all my items are insured for shipping. I take extensive timed and dated photographs on the day of shipping, and I have affidavits from my appraiser, and other dealers as to the condition of the item upon mailing, if damaged in shipping I will contact the shipper for help in resolving your claim. I will not return money until the item is returned to me in the condition I sent it. I follow the rules of good commerce, and responsible retail practices. Thanks for shopping in the Land of Enchantment!