Payment Policy

After you are notified that your requested item is available you must email me to let me know how you are going to pay, either Paypal, money order, cashiers check or to call me with your credit card info for Visa, Master Card or Discover Card. I must receive money orders or cashiers checks within 7 days of confirmation of sale email. The only exception is if I am doing an out of town doll or antique show I may not be available to confirm the sale and the item you want may be at the show too. So try to buy your items from Monday through Thursday. I don't have computer access when I am at a show. But I only do shows usually one or two weekends a month. Thanks for understanding. I do check my emails quite often each day so usually there is no hold up on orders. Personal checks must clear before I ship.

Shipping Policy

I ship on Thursdays or Fridays for sales finalized by the previous Monday or for payments received in the mail and cleared by the previous Monday. I ship priority mail from the post office. I will let you know the shipping fees after it is packed in case you buy more than one item and want to save on combined shipping. I will ship overnight express for the extra fees charged by the post office and a $5.00 fee for this extra service and trouble by me.

Return Policy

The item must be materially and factually different than as described in my write up, not just that you are trying to find fault with the item because you actually just changed your mind. Remember someone else may have wanted this item and they lost out to you. So don't take that away from someone else and then re-neg on your purchase. It hurts everyone. Thanks for understanding.