Payment Policy

Every item can be easily entered into a 'Wish List' or straight into your own 100% secure 'Shopping Basket'. The Shopping system automatically caters for adding Shipping costs etc. but at any time you can ask any questions. Once we have received your order / request through this site we will check the availability of your selected items and after confirming shipping, packaging and insurance costs we will respond with a full account of all costs.

Payment can be made by any one of the following methods: Visa or Mastercard.

All transactions will be made in UK pounds sterling and the appropriate exchange rate will be used on the day of transaction. (This is normally covered by your Credit Card).

Shipping Policy

Upon receipt of payment we will dispatch your chosen items.

Return Policy

You must contact us within fourteen days of receipt if there is a problem or if you wish to return an item.

Providing the object is returned to us by insured mail in the same condition as it was sent to you, we will refund your credit card payment or send you a cheque which ever appropriate.

In most cases there would be no deduction from the purchase price when you return the item to us. However, at present, the EU is levying a 2.5% importation charge which we would have to pay. We may have to deduct this as an unavoidable expense.