Sandusky Metallic Jack Plane No. 13C

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This is a nice clean 13.5" long, metallic Jack plane, w/corrigated sole.  It is mark on the cutter "SANDUSKY TOOL CO. U.S.A. ESTABLISHED 1868".  Although the shape of the main casting is much like the Stanley No. 5, the chip breaker, cutter mount, and cutter adjustment and lateral, are quite different, as you can see in the photos.  However, this type of cutter mount and control is effective and works great. The cutter is much shorter than a Stanley type cutter, but is so by design, as this cutter has plenty of use (about 1" left for future use).  The cutter is sharp and ready to use.

The iron main casting has some casting flaws that I refer to as casting voids, small place where the molten iron was pored, but did not completely fill in the mold.  None of these voids mentioned effect the purpose or use of the plane.  There is little sign of any Japanning on this plane, anywhere, but I suppose it has some sort of paint originally.  The truth is I have none other in stock to compare it to, so I don't know.  There is no rust or rust pitting anywhere on the finished surfaces, so the plane has been well cared for since it was new back in the late 1930's.  

The tote and knob are solid, no damage, fitted very tightly to the casting with threaded screws and brass slot screw nuts.  The tote has a unique shape at the toe end.  We note some tiny specks of paint here and there on the wood but overall the original tote and knob look great.

Sandusky Tool Co. is a well respected name in antique tools today.  Most of the time I see Sandusky planes made of a wood body, the iron casting base is a rather rare find, this being the first of this size I have offered for sale in over 20 years.

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