Ruby Pearl Striped Soennecken “Pony” Fountain Pen, Germany 1950s

Ruby Pearl Striped Soennecken “Pony” Fountain Pen, Germany 1950s

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Ruby Pearl Striped Soennecken “Pony” Fountain Pen, Germany 1950s
Ruby Pearl Striped Soennecken “Pony” Fountain Pen, Germany 1950s
Ruby Pearl Striped Soennecken “Pony” Fountain Pen, Germany 1950s


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Rare Ruby Pearl Striped ** Soennecken “Pony” Fountain Pen ** 1950s

This is an well kept Soennecken “Pony” piston filler fountain pen from the 1950s. It has a 14K gold nib, exquisite Ruby Pearl Striped celluloid barrel / cap as well as gold clip and trim.

Nib size is Medium… Overall Length: 12.5 cm / 4 6/8”… Condition: Excellent, serviced and fully tested, with crisp clear brand imprint no brassing, no engraving, no cracks nor any other damage.

Soennecken Pen Company
In the U.S. the familiar names are Parker, Sheaffer and Waterman. In Germany and Europe an equally famous and prestigious name in the history of writing and pens is Soennecken.

Tracing its roots to the writing society founded by Friedrich Soennecken in 1868 to disseminate the “Rundschrift” (round) writing system he'd developed by the age of 20, this penmanship showed a radical departure from the distinctly Germanic Fraktur style which predominated at the time, eschewing instead the Antiqua style created by the “godless humanist movement” in Italy

Soenneckens accomplishments in that period include designing the perfect steel nibs for his writing style... At one time, the nibs of choice used by Friederich Nietzche and the Franz Kafka.

Thereafter, the Soennecken Pen Company, Bonn Germany, as such was founded in 1875, when he began his own production of nibs, inkwells and various exercise books about the penmanship method that he’d created.The firm prospered, and by 1883 a new three story building was constructed, housing some 40 employees.Soennecken also soon went on to invent the ring binder and hole puncher, as well as setting up a company department for the manufacture of office furniture.

However, by 1890, one of the most important articles offered within Soennecken’s product range of some 150 items was the first-ever German fountain pen, a hard rubber eyedropper filler. Succeeding versions were produced over the years; and in 1905 Soennecken also went on to introduce his first safety pen. By then, the Company’s pen range consisted of some 30 models, safety pens as well as eyedropper fillers, in various sizes and based on different technical solutions that included overfeeds, alternatively underfeeds, to conduct ink from the pen’s reservoir to the nib.

Following Friedrichs death in 1919, his son Alfred headed-up the firm, succeeding to maintain operations despite the currency depreciation and material shortages which marked post WWI Germany.

Starting in 1927, Soennecken also briefly produced lever fillers, eventually discarding the system in favor of the more successful button fillers introduced in 1931.

Also by this time, Soennecken’s main competitors had become the Simplo Filler Pen Company (later renamed Montblanc), Pelikan and Parker-Osmia who’d began strongly promoting their Duofold range.

World War II went on to annihilate the combined work of two Soennecken generations, as both factories in Bonn were completely destroyed. However, in 1945, Alfred, and a third generation Alfred Jr. gathered together some of their old staff and production was relaunched, finally ceasing in 1967.

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