Art Nouveau Parlor Table Lamp Musician Lady Sculpture Hand Tooled Shade Glass Medallions


Incredible, c. 1890 - 1900 Art Nouveau Sculptural Lady Parlor Lamp in the style of August Moreau. The table lamp has a hand tooled and painted one of a kind shade with molded glass inserts. The lovely, bronze gilded metal, neo-classical lady sculpture is dressed in a long gown, with hair in an up-do. She has a lyre in her hand and a feathered bow in the other. The shade is sumptuous, a hand tooled and etched metal shade with Scottish Thistle design and irregular molded glass highlights. They are blue and red, with a stunning opaque milk glass piece at the top. All glow beautifully when lighted. It is a two socket lamp which has been rewired and is on it"s original wooden base. There is a photo of the underside to show how the glass is held in place and there are more photos available upon request. This is remarkable piece!!! * shipped will be determined by location and method chosen. You can use the size to determine your own courier pick-up

CONDITION: The condition is superb. There is no damage and only very minor wear to the plating on the lady lamp base and the shade. Some cleaning would make a huge difference on the shade. One of the long red molded glass pieces is broken and can, or will be seamlessly mended. Please use the zoom feature to see all the details. 

SIZE: She is a very substantial lamp, measuring 32" high, the lady is 22" high and the lamp shade is 13" across. The lamp and shade weigh approximately 9 lbs packaged. If you want to use your own shipper and should add at least four inches to the sizes.

SHIPPING: Its difficult to determine shipping costs to all possible destinations for this piece. This will have to be shipped in two separate boxes. One for the sculptural base and the other for the shade. You can use the sizes above to look into shipping to your destination by adding 5 inches to the height, width and depth, and using a weight of 9 lbs. Example ... 37" x 27" x 10" for the lamp and 18" x 8" for the shade. 

Item Details

Reference #:
Furniture & Furnishings
Antiques (approx100yrs)
1890 - 1910
(Width x Height X Depth)
13.00 x 32.00 x 13.00
Excellent without damage, repairs or excessive wear