Revenoc Fore Plane Hibbard, Spencer, & Barlett

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This is a unique, No. 6 size metallic fore plane, with the rare Hibbard, Spencer, & Barlett Co. mark on the cutter. The cutter is actually marked "H.S.B. REVONOC", and this is the only marked on this plane. The H.S.B. Co. has 100 year history of distributing all sorts of quality tools, made by other companies in many case, from it's Chicago distribution location. This is a very nice, clean example of a fore plane they supplied in about the 1930's era. There is only some minor differences between this plane and the Stanley No. 6 from the type before the introduction to the frog adjustment screw (there is no frog adjustment screw in the design of this H.S.B. plane). Otherwise a few other minor differences are the shape of the front knob, the shape of the lateral adjustment lever, and the depth adjustment wheel seems to be steel, not brass. The cutter is very sharp, plenty of stock left for future sharpening. This plane is 18" long with a 2.37" wide cutter. There is no frog adjustment screw for this model, as from the factory. The condition is very good with about 90% Japanning intact, good solid hardwood handle, and knob, no cracks, some tiny dings noted, nice looking hardwood with a natural finish. There is a few minor dings on the plane, a few very small areas of pitting on the bed on a little on the cap cover, and chip breaker, but over all, very good condition. A very rare plane! On quality, very comparible to Stanley quality, very nice cast parts, quality cutter material, all adjustment work great! Quality made!

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