Radio Tubes & Boxes of the 1920's by: George Fathauer

Radio Tubes & Boxes of the 1920's by: George Fathauer

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Radio Tubes & Boxes of the 1920's by: George Fathauer

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The 1920's was a decade that witnessed dramatic change in radio communications. Radio had previously been used for military, weather, ships at sea and by a handful of radio amateurs, but that changed after radio station KDKA in Pittsburgh began regular broadcasts with coverage of the Harding-Cox presidential election returns on November 2, 1920. A new era of radio as a means of informing and entertaining the general public had begun. Radio stations sprung up accross America almost overnight, and dozens of new radio manufacturers appeared with hopes of cashing in on the new trend. Others tried to profit from the radio boom by selling parts and supplies for radios, particularly vacuum tubes.

Radio Tubes and Boxes of the 1920's captures the excitement and intrigue of that first decade of home radio, through a pictorial presentation of the radio tubes of the era. With over 400 color photos and illustrations of early tubes, it shows the colorful packaging and sometimes unusual construction features employed by tube makers to market their products to the public. Collectors and historians alike will appreciate this entertaining way of revisiting the early days of the electronics industry in the United States. Click on images shown for full size view.

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