Prehistoric Spear Head 

Prehistoric Spear Head 

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Prehistoric Spear Head 
Prehistoric Spear Head 
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Authentic, prehistoric (the period prior to written records) stone spear head. Length: 6 inches. The prehistoric craftsmen removed small pieces of rock or flakes from the core using a techniques called percussion flaking. This involved striking a portion of the core with a stone hammer. To make more elaborate tools such as arrow heads or spear points, the tool-maker had to do additional shaping and thinning. When the approximate shape was obtained, the final stage of thinning the point and sharpening the edges was accomplished by another technique known as pressure flaking. Here, small and thin flakes were pushed off the edges of the tool with an antler or bone punch. This technique required both skill and physical strength. Several of these finely-made arrow head and spear points have been found in sites as old as 10,000 years.

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