Porcelain/Lidded Box W/Matching Ceramic Mug/Transfer Design of An Old Horse Drawn Fancy Coach

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I am not so sure these started out in life as a "set". I believe there was a lot of pieces made by different companies with the same transfer design. But, they go so well together, I decided to offer them that way.I believe the box is made of porcelain. A lot of the gold edge has been worn away. No chips or cracks that I can see. There is a stamped mark in gold on the underside of the lid. It says KAOLENA/Either M superimposed over an S or vice versa/Made in California. It measures aprox. 3 3/4"X5 3/4"X1 3/4" high. I believe the mug is made from ceramic. It has the same transfer decoration as the box. There is a gold stamp across the bottom that reads R.M. Gould Co. I do not know if this is the maker or some kind of corporate "giveaway". The mug is in very good condition. It measures aprox. 3 7/8"X3 1/2" across bottom/3 1/4" acro9ss the top/handle╬╝g aprox. 4 3/4".( I have so more info on the covered box. A nice person emailed me and told me a little more about the "Kaolena" mark. She that "Kaolena" is a patteren made by Max Schoenfeld(not 100% sure of the spelling) for "1" year only for Fransiscan Pottery. And that year was 1939!" So thanks to helpful people like her, we each learn a little more about our treasured collectibles!

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